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For many years, contractors have depended on Jeannette to sort their clients' renovation details... so they don't have to.  If you are a contractor who enjoys the design process, you probably don't need Jeannette's help.  But if you're one of the many who would rather just get to work, Jeannette can act as a liaison, meeting with the client, creating design plans, choosing materials, and sorting the many details so you can get to work.

Sometimes the contractor hires Jeannette, but usually it's the homeowner per the contractor's instruction.  For example, many contractors will simply tell their client: call Jeannette; she'll help you create the plans I need to get you an accurate quote.  However you'd like it to work, Jeannette can make it happen.

More than once, contractors have told Jeannette:

"I usually don't like designers, but you're so much easier to work with".

Just think of the many details in one renovation. Jeannette can help with one or all:

floor plans

flooring selection

cabinet plans

cabinet selection

cabinet quotes

tile selection

lighting plans

light fixtures

lighting controls

wall finishes

paint selection

ordering and delivery

appliance selection

cabinet hardware

cabinet accessories

furniture arrangement

doors and windows

storage needs

universal design requirements

and more

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As a RE investor herself, Jeannette can relate to your unique challenges and needs.  For many years, Jeannette has helped other investors in several ways.  

FLOOR PLANS:  To help you make the most of your reno dollars, Jeannette can visit to discuss your renovation's unique potential.  She'll measure spaces to create the wall and cabinet plans you'll need to make decisions, gather quotes, attain your permits,  and ultimately get building.  

KITCHEN, BATH, AND CLOSET DESIGN:  These are the rooms that sell homes, so this is a wise place to make an additional investment.  Jeannette can visit to measure your unique space and then create plans that are functional and attractive, to ultimately impress your buyers in ways you may not have considered.  

CABINETS & COUNTERS:  Jeannette is a factory-direct dealer for several lines of stock cabinetry, so that after she's made your plans, she can provide an very competitive cabinet quote.  She can supply and deliver your cabinetry without you ever stepping foot in a showroom, saving you time AND money.  

AESTHETIC SELECTIONS:  choosing flooring, tiles, lighting, paint colors, siding, roofing, and anything with an aesthetic component can be overwhelming.  Jeannette can help with these decisions.  Every home is unique, and Jeannette knows how to bring out the best... on a budget.  


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